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local public schools, but can only attend private schools or those set up specifically for them which are usually poor in teaching resources and quality.Large cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have continued to attract great number of ▓migrant people, with this trend deepening in rec

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ent years, according to China's Migrant Population Repo▓rt in 2015.Correspondingly, the number of migrant children has increased rapidly, suggested a previous report released in 2014 by the New Citizen Program, a nongovernment▓al organization dedicated to improving the lives of ▓migrant children.A 2013 survey shows that 58 percent of t▓he migrant children were actually born in the ▓place that their parents moved to, and that th▓ey

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for▓ higher education due to the lack of a permanent residence▓ permit.The blue book gives suggestions that cities should reasonably add public servi

ces and infrastructure for migrant population, and make it easier f▓or migrant children to attend public schools▓ during the whole period of education from pre-schoo▓l to college.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on


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Instag▓ramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatU▓N agency reports Syrian children endur▓ing "unprecedented suffering" in 2016UN agency reports Syrian children

enduring "unprecedented suffering" in 2016U▓N agency reports Syrian children enduring "unprecedented ▓suffering" in 201603-14-2017 06:49 BJTUNITED NATIONS, March 13 (Xinhua) -- The suff▓ering of

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